Friday, January 30, 2009

The Equation - Oxcart

The Equation is Portland, Oregon's Oxcart's followup album to their 2005 release, Sasquatch. In The Equation, the four-piece rock band unleashes conversation, thoughts, quandaries, and debates about a man both historical and mystical. This album is pure concept and experiment.

Genuinely unique, tracks Wishes and Office morph from psychedelic-jam to jazzy lounge sexiness, showcasing the bands ability to stir things up and do something angular. Some of their angularity works, and some falls flat (like Gambler Pt. 1), while others soar (like Gambler Pt. 2). Its like a rock opera; you cannot listen to this track for singles - its a piece of art, that lasts 13 tracks. And if you just skip around, its like you took a cliff notes tour of the Smithsonian.

The Equation might not be for you. Its a concept that takes an artist to appreciate it. But I enjoyed the ride. I look forward to another chapter from Oxcart!

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

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