Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Night, Good Riddance - What Bird

Nashville duo What Bird, is the musical expression of Julia and Winston Harrison. Together they compose dark transient simplicity. Their debut album Good Night, Good Riddance is an expressive ride that capitalizes on emotion through ambiance and the beautiful clarity of Julia's voice.

Clearly students of Nashville, their pop-sensible tracks come across with a natural Allison Krauss element, giving the listener just enough to want more and yearn for their next recording. Songs like Home To You, Under the Milky Way, and Perfect Faith, strip things back just enough to unleash Julia's vocals in their richest way possible - working with warm ambience and texture to create memorable pieces of art.

The overall record is a complete success! Excellently blended instrumentation and the care put into each vocal line comes across with real brilliance. I think anyone a fan of excellent music will appreciate What Bird; but if you find Allison Krauss, Nichole Nordeman, the Cranberries, and the like in your CD or ipod rotations, you'll especially take the duo to heart.

Its two thumbs way up. Take care of yourself and check their tour calendar for a concert in your area, and while you're at it, and pick up a copy of the album:

RATING: 5 of 5 stars

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