Saturday, July 25, 2009

Americaville - The Bludlows

The Bludlows 2009 CD release, Americaville, jumps at you from the very first track. The opener and title track is reminiscent of early Pearl Jam mixed with a raw punk edge - its gritty and real. The CD immediately takes on a more garage/punk feel with Command Her Boogie. The guitars clearly hold this song with catchy grooves and hooks, while the vocals take a more bluesy approach.

On a more poppy track, Blockade combines sounds of contemporaries, Cold War Kids and mixes melodies I could imagine Adam Duritz writing. Perhaps their most well crafted song however is the album closer, Point of Reference. Its a grungy/atmospheric tune held together with wailing guitar lines and jams, tight grooves (bass and drums), and growling vocals.

The band seems to work together the best in their final track, but all in all, the CD is a success in combining competing genres of grunge, garage rock, pop, and punk, while not seeming too angular and indecisive. Watch for these guys!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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