Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Not Goin' Nowhere - Leah

It's no surprise that Leah keeps climbing the musical ladder with song placement on hit tv shows and licensing deals to make aspiring musicians jealous. Her e.p., I'm Not Goin' Nowhere, jumps from the first beat of Runaway. The driving energy of drums and guitars explode as her gritty pop-voice is brought to the forefront. Her singing is believable as she screams "lets lose ourselves."

On Stay Here, she shows off a bit more of her vocals. There's more space, but the chunky guitars continue the drive. On Here's To You My Friend, the band grooves around her vocals, setting Leah in the proper place - out front. The chorus excels with percussive hooks and crushing lead-guitar lines.

This album has everything you'd expect from a national pop-rock release. These songs are executed with pop perfect hooks and instrumentation I would imagine Butch Walker becoming jealous. Pick the album up if you get a chance!
RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars

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NIKKI said...

Great ReView... YEAH for you Leah and the Band!!! Keep Rocking, and all the much due continued success your hearts can hold! Big Thumbs Up on your MuSiiC <3 Peace and Love~ NiKKi