Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Down Home Girl - Kathryn Caine

Sometimes the only cure for a bland road trip is great bluegrass music. So it is with Kathryn Caine's, Down Home Girl. Appropriate for the road trip is her first track, Wheels. Its full of tinny acoustic strum (guitars and mandolins) and sassy harmonies.

On Far Away, there's a stellar fiddle lead line that runs throughout the song - a great complement to Caine's vocals, and a perfect showcase of the albums talent. A slower track, For You gives more highlight to Caine's voice as there's not much else to cover it up. Her voice is clear when need be, and has just enough edge to make a Sheryl Crow comparison.

Finally her track, Honey Hill does a fantastic job blending pop with bluegrass. Its a full drum kit, bass, electric guitars outfit; but all the while still has a bluegrass quality. This may be a more accessible track for people not totally sold on the more pure genre, but I think her best writings and recordings are in the more pure bluegrass tracks.

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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