Saturday, September 19, 2009

Almost One - Live @ The Sidewalk

Sitting inside New York's, Side Walk is somewhat entrancing, even without anyone on stage - that is, if you are impressed being in a venue that helped kindle talents of Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, and Regina Spektor.

So it was in late August when I caught a performance by the acoustic-trio, Almost One. The band, with an a-typical roster Marissa Brozier (vocals), Mike Macagnone (percussion), and Steve Carrea (guitars/writing) took stage and performed a short 30 minute set that delivered.

With a standing-room only crowd, Almost One began their set paying homage to Green Day via a simple acoustic strum and lilting vocal on Time of Your Life. They quickly launched into an original tune, The Line, which at times combined the pop influenced writings of Vanessa Carlton and Lisa Loeb. The Line was an easy listening pop-rock tune, featuring harmonies and Carrea's double-strum.

Later they embarked into a haunting rendition of MJ's Billy Jean. Chris Cornel would be proud of Brozier's vocals. This was clearly their highlight - as the crowds response was truly heightened.

Finally, they closed with Standing Still, a smooth piano driven song, that could have been a Coldplay or Fray lullaby, until the pulsing ending, which left the crowd driving and pleased.

In only 30 minutes, Almost One took us on a ride and pleased everyone attending!

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