Monday, September 28, 2009

MetemPsychosis - Malnack

Omaha's band, Malnack released their album MetemPhychosis, and it seemed the accolades poured in. It seems that Malnack can't escape people's love for the record. Perhaps its the prog-rock, perhaps its the throwback to Rush. But whatever it is, people are talking.

Late Night is a great example of setting Booth's vocals out to give any Geddy Lee fan a rise. It later features some very tasty synth/organ leads that combines to complete a very nice album opener.

On One Man's Ghost, the dance floor might as well be lit, because this track will bring out the grooves. Its sonically recorded, and captures sounds from classic rock to euro-synth-power-pop. Finally, on tracks like, Lost Again, they surprise again with a more melodic, pop-rock sound. I can imagine it as a television theme song - not in a condescending way - but its just that catchy.

All in all, Malnack knows what goes into the recording process. They've recorded and produced a very nice album.

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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