Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vermillon - Ryan David Orr

You know that feeling you get in when you're driving a scenic highway in the summer? There's a feeling of renewal, freshness, ease, and simplicity. That's the feeling you get from Ryan David Orr's album, Vermillon. Its a simple album, easily performed and finds its place to your heart the same way.

Right In Tow has an incredibly singable chorus. Its falsetto glides into pop perfection. On Right in Tow, the syncopated acoustic guitar strum and tambourine backs clear vocals met with harmonies.

Bottle Rocket does a nice job of harnessing what's hot in pop-mainstream, but remains true to the acoustic/americana sound Orr has established. If you could imagine a band like Snow Patrol composing a rootsy acoustic track, you have Bottle Rocket.

Finally, on Snow Globe Ballerina, his voice lilts and rises to a beautifully simple lullaby. Its lyrics succinct and instrumentation perfectly in place - not overdone, but everything in its right place.

Ryan David Orr understands his genre and succeeds within it!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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