Monday, March 22, 2010

The Only Ride You Can Get - Keith Moody

From the first listen, Keith Moody reminded me of a nice blend of Americana roots-rock and country. There are moments of Tom Petty, Gin Blossoms, and Keith Urban. Moody has a pop appealing ear that truly shows in his writing and production.

His album, The Only Ride You Can Get, was produced by Moody and Jason Elgin. Album opener, Think, does a great job of implementing a mandolin into the forefront. The two-step drum groove keeps the pace up and Moody's vocals are stellar.

Press Gas and Go have all of the components of a pop-rock/county tune. There's catchy guitar riffs mixed with vocal hooks that will have you humming along by the second chorus. On Love Drunk, Moody again utilizes the mandolin as lead rhythm instrument. This song falls more into the vein of roots rock a la a more southern Bob Dylan.

Finally on his title track, Moody writes a country ballad. The verses are almost spoken, and draw in the listener. The choruses are full of great harmonies and backing vocals that make this a great cap on the album!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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