Monday, June 28, 2010

Alone or Lying - Christa Gniadek

From Massachusetts hails Christa Gniadek; a talented singer/songwriter writing anti-folk/arty/pop acoustic tracks. On her opening track, Adjust, Christa lilts in a beautiful free-floating melody over bouncing acoustic guitars. Her vocals are clearly her bread winner! Combine crystal clear vocals and catchy lyrics with the depth of her songwriting and you have a star in the making.

Her sound is reminiscent of an acoustic-driven Regina Spektor, but yields an honest and unique quality - close enough to the genre for easy listenership, but unique enough to hold her own.

I Do, is another catchy tune that immediately grabs your attention. It has the quality that begs an indie-movie soundtrack deal. Finally, on Late on Newbury, Christa closes her album like a late night conversation. Its as if she's strumming and singing on the couch across the room from you. Its a perfect ender to an album that's stripped down, easy to engage, and intimate.

Watch out Christa Gniadek and in the mean time, pick up her album, Alone or Lying!

RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars

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