Monday, June 28, 2010

Tomorrow is What it Used to Be - John Riccio

John Riccio's album, Tomorrow is What it Used to Be, is a nice summer listen. Its laden with hooky tracks, easy acoustic strums, and melodies you'll remember for days. Riccio's opener, One or Two is reminiscent of a pop/rock Bruce Springsteen. The production quality is stellar and the snare drum is especially perfect for the song.

On My Will, strings begin the song in a huge fashion. Its swelling and draws the listener in. The vocals excel and are perfectly set in the mix. In and Out has a fun two-step feel with a great circular-acoustic riff leading the song and propelling it forward - its one of those songs you'll crank the volume on as you drive down a country road.

Riccio is a talented writer, player, and arranger! This album is sure to please, so check it out ASAP!!!

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RATING: 5 of 5 stars

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GtrBri98 said...

I have it in constant rotation and the subtle nuisances keep revealing themselves. Great album!