Friday, September 26, 2008

Capsize Your Surroundings EP (Night Artery)

Night Artery is the artistic expression of Australia’s, Ross Arundale. Capsize Your Surroundings is a 4 track EP that drones from the speakers with dark strings, a simple guitar line, and an enticing drum beat that pulls you in. Arundale’s voice is performed like a Broadway artist might approach a pop-rock album. An Act Ill-Informed of Returns is full of big symphonic sounds, time changes, and furious stops that would make Andrew Lloyd Weber smile.

And the sound remains…this time in Cinematic Shards on the Permanent Way, Arundale introduces a well played piano. Nerve Ending takes on a new sound and Night Artery turns adult contemporary almost without warning.

All in all, Capsize Your Surroundings is a varied album – even in 4 short tracks. I hear traces of the Broadway live-rock-musical, Coheed and Cambria, System of a Down, and late David Bowie. Clearly Arundale is a creative artist with much knowledge and professionalism in his instrumentation – executed with ease. Night Artery’s most recent EP, Capsize Your Surroundings is a ride!

RATING: 3 of 5 stars

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