Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fibonacci's Dream (Lawrence Blatt)

In 2008, Lawrence Blatt released his second album, Fibonacci’s Dream. It’s a wonderful instrumental album featuring 13 tracks of superbly executed acoustic guitar work - not surprising, coming from a player as renowned and talented as Blatt. So whether you know and already love his musical creation, or you’re a first timer, his newest album is a success.

Bern “the bear”, the album opener is a new age soother with ambient and reverb laden guitars swirling around in your head. Towards the end, Blatt’s finger movement and fret noise is a perfect percussive additive to the already stellar song. Immediately the album jumps to an up-tempo, full band piece. Una Vida is full of percussion and rhythm, but I feel distracts from Blatt’s more emotional solo pieces.

Other notable tracks include I’m Leaving Now, a passionate song banging out harsh strums that mimic the crashing Pacific waves native to Blatt’s San Francisco domicile. And in La Selva (the rainforest), he composes an accurate and picture perfect musical of the rain forest. It’s both transportive and telling. You can almost feel the mist wetting your face through his powerful performance. What Blatt is capable of saying through instrumentation only, would leave songwriters salivating.

Fibonacci’s Dream is a solid instrumental album leaving any consumers of the new age, acoustic guitar genre spending hours in ecstasy with Blatt’s talented recordings.

RATING: 4 of 5 stars