Monday, September 22, 2008

The Lost Sea (The Lost Sea)

Pittsburgh’s, The Lost Sea is a great, American, easy listen. They’re an organic, rootsy, pilgrimage of sorts; a band that is right off the bat simple and understandably likeable. I’m sure almost anyone will appreciate The Lost Sea. At times I hear the intimacy and simplicity in storytelling of Ray Lamontagne and at other times I’m reminded of early Counting Crows.

The opener, So Little to Lose, is a waltzy joy ride. Rootsy harmonies bring this song to life and it’s a great start to the rest of the EP. The chorus lifts and the song really succeeds when Sean’s vocals soar in the gritty bridge. His voice sounds best in this register and torment.

Warmer Weather is a gentle piano tune that lilts itself into your ears. Its written with a hooky chorus to please – anyone will be able to sing along by the last chorus. Empty Swings speeds things up a bit with a fun, up tempo, resonance. It sounds like a warm September day. Again, Sean’s vocals soar and make any Adam Duritz fan happy. The song is most complimented with the distant ride and crash cymbals – a great production value.

Goodnight, Goodnight is a simple stripped-down acoustic song that feels like your sitting on the patio around a fire pit enjoying the cool night and the company of a musician and friend. The EP concludes with a slow waltz in, Phone Calls. The harmonies are great and really support the overall song. The verses are low in Sean’s register – not his forte, but resolution is had on the choruses – he nails it near perfectly. Phone Calls puts the EP to bed nicely.

The overall instrumentation is simple with the acoustic strum holding rhythm responsibilities, a simple textured drum beat, and jangly guitars and keys to please - it’s a mature folksy/alt-country sound that they seem to understand and execute most successfully. So whether you’re a fan of Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, or Jars of Clay, I think you’ll really take a ride with these guys.

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to stop by The Lost Sea’s website and mark your calendar for a live concert.

RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars

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