Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teleprompt (MUTEMATH)

In 2006, the boys from New Orleans impress the ear with Teleprompt! From the first notes, I'm engaged. Back and forth between instrumental tracks and catchy melodies, MUTEMATH sells their craft 100%.

Collapse sets the tone right off the bat as the percussion rises and the programming and guitar riffs interject a sort of dance flavor all maintained by an ominous vocal wail in the background. Then it rips your face off as they jump into Typical. It's this 2nd track that brought MM a TON of viewership via their uber-creative, video in reverse. The idea fit the sound and visa versa.

As the album continues its like a roller coaster of catchy hooks, percussive stops, driving guitars, electronic programming, and some of the best effects in vocals I've heard. You know the effect is there - a lot of it - but its not done cheesy-like.

And when I thought I'd heard everything I was going to hear, I was grabbed again by You Are Mine. This song is a perfect testament to the solidarity between us all. We all have our 1 addiction, the one thing we can't let go. It's a song of faith and love. Its a down tempo as you'll get from MM, but its one of my favorites on the whole album.

Its a great CD! Teleprompt is worth the purchase and more.

RATING: 5 of 5 stars

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