Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Less Of Me (Lacy Adair)

Lacy Adair, a Midwestern songwriter and vocalist, paints a story of compassion and sincerity wherever she goes. Whether she’s performing on stage or tackling issues of poverty in the developing world, her story remains strong and true. Lacy writes from a hands-on perspective about the beauty of creation, people, and her life’s experiences. Lacy exudes the mature, lyrical poignancy and grace of Allison Krauss, while maintaining her innocence and charisma true to her youth. Her music excels with introspective melodies and varied instrumentation which brings her to the forefront of the modern singer/songwriter sect.

Less of Me begins with a very pop-bluegrass tune called Wall of Broken Lives. Its in this song that the listener discovers Lacy's intricate and tight harmonies. In Not Enough, Lacy's vocals begin in a haunting chant..."so un-sure." But at the bridge, the real magic happens. There's harmonies happening that give me chills. Her 3rd track is the title track, beginning with a very textured, almost tribal sound and morphing into a very pop-rock track. Track 4, The River Drive, is quite possibly one of the catchiest songs I've heard in a long while. Its a perfect blend of southern pop-singer songwriter. So whether you're a county music fan or a fan of more mainstream, you'll approve of this one. Why Do I, the next track is Lacy's radiohead friendly track - very atmosphereic and programmed. And the album couldn't conclude any better than how Lacy Adair executes it in Get Lost. A single strummed acoustic and a delayed vocal leave the listener begging for more - but this 1.5 min tune is all you get. AHHHH!

Lacy is clearly able to set herself apart from the trendy pop-mainstream through well executed writing and storytelling, while still lending pop-perfected melodies to its listener. In the vein of songwriting icons Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and the like, she adds her own flare combining the modern sound of Regina Spektor, Radiohead, and Feist - it’s part folk, part electronic, part acoustic, part rock, and all genuine Lacy Adair. So if you haven’t seen or heard Lacy Adair live in concert, there’s a part of you that hasn’t lived. Make it a point to catch a show and thank me later.
RATING: 4.5 of 5 stars

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