Saturday, September 6, 2008

Darkness to Light (Will Stern)

This is a worship album. But unlike the stereotype, it doesn't fall flat on the ear. It's not the status quo cliche', trite lyric after lyric, worship album you might be used to hearing. Instead, Darkness to Light soars in its intimacy, sincerity, and rawness. If you're not familiar with worship music; or ever Christian music - its an industry just like the rest. There's even a few guys out there that kind of shape and mold everything else (i.e Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and the like). Art suffers. The soul suffers. But Will Stern does not fall into that trap.

The album kicks off with Far Beyond Me, a textured and raw acoustic guitar slamming with a bright drum groove. And once the vocals enter, immediately you understand the level of Stern's humility. "This is the song for the song that I can't write..." It continues and launches into a pop-rock melody that pleases.

In All Beyond Compare, the song leads with a reverse guitar loop which adds a gritty texture to argue with his lyrics. Its in the chorus that the kick drum drives with a 4 on the floor beat, driving and grinding the emotive ride.

But the album hits its forte with You Deserve My All. Its a rock anthem throwing down heavy and driving guitars, drums in cadence, and vocals growling praise.

I'm a fan. The album is worth picking up. Heck, Will Stern lets you pay what you want at his site, so take full advantage of that!

RATING: 4 of 5 stars

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